Blogging It Out

Thoughts on blogging…

Blogging has been an interesting project for me. I hope it has been and will continue to be interesting to some of you. I just never quite know how my blogs will be received, but I am not worried. I have dared to touch on controversial subjects and personal subjects, along with the few thoughtful or light-hearted ones. There always seems to be that one more thing I can write about. Sometimes it takes me a bit to come up with a subject, but I have been able to post almost continuously for over two months.

Blogging for me has been like journaling, except people are privy to this journal. As events take place in my life, I write about them and really give some thought to what those events mean to me. I think that is the great part of blogging — extracting meaning from everyday occurrences. It gives me the opportunity to pause for a few minutes in the day to expand my mind on a subject, if only a little. It has sometimes caused me to have a new idea on a subject or to clarify the subject in my mind. One reader (a friend) said that she doesn’t always agree with me, but it is interesting to see how my mind works.

I know one thing about blogging as I have done, often touching on personal subjects. It keeps me humble. All of my readers are getting to know about all of my weaknesses. It isn’t always easy to write the things about myself, but I figure, if they are important enough for me to learn, perhaps, someone else can benefit from them. My mistakes might actually serve a greater purpose. A couple of friends who read my blog just like to see me growing as a person.

Blogging has also given me opportunity to practice an alternative writing skill. It is a different way of writing from which I am accustomed, because it is more casual than any writing I have done for school. It is similar to writing a letter, only I have to consider a broader audience. Also, the topics are my own, rather than being dictated by an instructor or a specific purpose for class. I do enjoy that aspect.

Lastly, I enjoy talking to you, my readers, and I love it even better when I get to hear from you. I like to know what you are thinking, too.

(Oh, yeah! Can you tell I have fun with my titles?)

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