Shades of Grey?

Is there truth? That is the question that was being forced in my mind, as I worked through two classes on Monday. My first class was "Theories of Rhetoric and Writing," so as the name proposes, we studied THEORIES. That means we are studying what basically come down to opinions. We are given several basic …

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A Kairos

"Kairos" is a Greek noun, meaning time or season. The meaning also carries with it the idea of being appropriate or suitable to the time. I am in a kairos now. Over the past six months, I have been in sort of an awakening. It seems as if I am waking up from the eight …

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The Melancholy of Writers

I derive some sense of encouragement that many great writers, many of them Christian, have struggled with "melancholy." Take, for example, Shakespeare. Though I have not read much of his, I know from other readers that his works were flavored with this existence. He wrote of dying flowers, cold winds, love torn, death, beauty fading …

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