A Kairos

"Kairos" is a Greek noun, meaning time or season. The meaning also carries with it the idea of being appropriate or suitable to the time. I am in a kairos now. Over the past six months, I have been in sort of an awakening. It seems as if I am waking up from the eight …

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New Challenges

Well, I finally saw a rheumatologist today about my pain issue. She has a few more tests to run to check for any underlying conditions, but she confirmed that I have fibromyalgia. It is good to have a firm diagnosis and to have some way to try to manage it, but it is discouraging to …

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This Preview Has Been Approved for Appropriate Audiences

I love going to the theatre. I probably appreciate it more than a lot of people, because I have only started going to the theatre in the last few years. Until then, it was not even on the radar. Of course, it isn't because movie theatres were not around. It just wasn't part of the …

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