Factually or Faithfully

Sobbing, face pressed to my pillow, in total abandonment, I cry, “I CAN’T do it!” For years, I believed I was a Christian. I believed in God and that the Bible is the word of God. I believed in Jesus who died for my sins. I believed only He can give me salvation. I believed …

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Indiana Jones and the Leap of Faith

Indiana Jones' father lay dying of a bullet wound. Indiana Jones goes after the holy grail to save his father by passing through three tests. It is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. One of the trials has Jones standing toes hanging over the edge of a bottomless chasm. He can see a way through …

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Intellectually and Emotionally

Imagine a world devoid of emotion. Imagine a world lacking the depth of feeling. It would be a world both in which all of the daily frustrations of jealousy, anger, shame, and sadness and in which the daily encouragements of joy, love, and even comfort would be wiped away to hard, cold reason. There wouldn't be …

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