The Turn of a Knob

I always hear good writers write every day, but the most I claim is every week. And that may not count as it is almost always related to my counseling treatment. I have not blogged since March and even longer since before that. Outside of this blog, I have only written in response to class …

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Good Job Hunting Finale – Integration

This is the end of my first week at St Andrew's Church as Executive Assistant to the Senior Interim Pastor. I am learning a lot about Anglican beliefs, the staff here, responsibilities, and benefits of my job. The Anglican church at which I am working is part of the conservative Anglican Mission in America. St. …

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Good Job Hunting V – The Good Samaritan

Inspiration broke through with the advent of a "good Samaritan." Just like in the story of the good Samaritan, I was the person in the dust, beaten and robbed. I felt helpless, discouraged, and hopeless about my job situation. I was getting nowhere, and it has been two and a half months since I started …

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